PAB Biblical Institute





The P.A.B. Biblical Institute was developed by Presiding Bishop Carl Holland in 2005 to provide training of saints and ministers in an educational format.  The institute is committed to uphold the truth of the Apostolic Doctrine.  Students prepared through this institute will receive the knowledge of the Oneness of God that will propel them into great survey of God’s word.  The institute provides the following avenues of study at the P.A. B. headquarters and other learning sites.

Distant Learning

Distant Learning provides a student the opportunity to learn from their home and study the same required (3) month course material as a student taking the on-site class and may begin at anytime.  Ministers and lay-members may apply.  However, application with required signatures and course fee must be paid in advance.

On-Site Class

Course Title, “Advancing in Christian Service” This course covers Basic Doctrine, Bible Introduction, and Your Organization.  This class is a requirement for those seeking to be licensed with the P.A.B., and for any lay-member foundational understanding of their Apostolic Faith.  Passing does not guarantee license, or make one a minister.  Application with requirement signatures and course fee must be paid in advance.

Ordination Preparation Class

This class is for those seeking full credentials (ordination credentials).  The pre-requisite for this class: You must be a pastor, assistant pastor, or full time evangelist, and a member of your state council.  Course fee must be paid in advance.

A certification of completion is given for all classes completed successfully and received at the National Convention.

For more information about other P.A.B. Learning sites in your area, Distant Learning, Christian Service Class, or Ordination Preparation Class contact the Institute at 1-248 414-3700. Or fax-1-248-414-3702 or you may write to the institute at 210 Hilton, Ferndale, MI 48220.


Evangelist Mildred Smith

Coordinator/President Distant Learning

Bishop D. Craig Smith